Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ode to Melody

True to it's name, this dress makes my heart sing...
(J. Crew slub cotton-silk Melody dress)

When I first laid eyes on you a few weeks back in the February J. Crew catalog, I got chills. The kind of chills you get when you feel someone might be watching you or (gasp!) even be reading your mind else in the WORLD could a creation that's so me, the very essence of my personality, the ultimate expression of my style, exist? Kudos to the designer(s) who hit it out of the ballpark on the days they sketched, refined, and commissioned your exitence. I'll wear you in all your glory (in all 3 colors, mind you) until you're threadbare and ragged, after which point, I'll mend you myself and continue wearing you til the day I die!

Where would I wear it?

1) For afternoon tea at The Ritz in London :

2) For Sunday brunch at Grande Lux Cafe in Aventura (a Cheesecake Factory spin-off and one of my recent faves!) :

3) For a day spent exploring beautiful Savannah, Georgia :

IRL pics of the Melody slub-cotton silk dress to come soon...!

In the meantime, for those of you who have either tried on/stalked/seen/loathe/love/own the J. Crew Slub cotton-silk Melody dress, what do you think of it? Even better, where would you wear it?

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