Friday, April 24, 2009

Need it, Love it, Want it, I'm GETTING it!

This set features the Silence & Noise Ponte Cutout Back Dress from Urban Outfitters.

Where should I wear this outfit? Haha, more like where shouldn't I wear it.

I don't have any of these items....YET. But my birthday is right around the corner, so I just might be getting myself a few (small) presents. Anyway, I saw the dress online last night and was promptly converted into a raving, salivating, die-hard fan. I'm a complete and total softie for a unique (If those back cutouts don't classify it as unique, I don't know what does!), nicely cut Ponte Knit dress. The construction of the ponte fabric is often thicker and more polished, which makes it very complementary for girls with curves (definitely me)...less clingy on the hips than a jersey fabric, more support in the bust, and it better holds the shape of the garment, etc. And the best part? The dress comes in at least 2 other colors (blue and hot pink)!!! Yippeeeee!

Are there any fabrics/shapes/styles you're crazy about, can't live without, couldn't make it through life without?

I can also see myself wearing it with the dreaded Atomic Flower Necklace (dun dun dun....)

Dare me?

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