Sunday, May 3, 2009

Can anyone help me find this dress?

It's the J. Crew cotton interlock cross-back jumper item 92674 from Spring 2008. I love the color (coral? persimmon? orange? or whatever they were calling it that season?) but haven't been able to find it anywhere! Not on eBay, not on the J. Crew Aficionada Great (Weekly) Exchange, not on the J. Crew website, not anywhere....

I really appreciate your tips, leads, offers, suggestions!


  1. I found one at TJMaxx for 19 dollars.

  2. Hi Anony! Thanks so much for the tip! A couple questions if you don't mind... when did you find it? were there more? are you willing to part with it? I can take an 8 or 10 if by any chance you happen to wear that size and would let me buy it from you. Or, I could reimburse you if you'd be able to purchase one for me at your local TJ Maxx. Thanks!

  3. hmm try outlet stores and of course local TJMaxx/Marshalls (my faves btw)

    Good luck!!!